Nyao's Funtime!!



ケーキツアー入門: おいしいケーキ食べ歩きのススメ

(2018/4/27 00:00時点)





Nyao's Funtime!!は漫画「ファンタジウム」と


Sly & The Family Stone初期作品がリマスター&大量ボートラつき再発!


Whole New Thing (Exp)

Whole New Thing (Exp)

  1. Underdog
  2. If This Room Could Talk
  3. Run, Run, Run
  4. Turn Me Loose
  5. Let Me Hear It from You
  6. Advice
  7. I Cannot Make It
  8. Trip to Your Heart
  9. I Hate to Love Her
  10. Bad Risk
  11. That Kind of Person
  12. Dog
  13. Underdog (Single Version) - Bonus Track
  14. Let Me Hear It from You (Single Version) - Bonus Track
  15. Only One Way Out Of This Mess - Bonus Track
  16. What Would I Do - Bonus Track
  17. You Better Help Yourself - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased

Dance to the Music

Dance to the Music

  1. Dance to the Music
  2. Higher
  3. I Ain't Got Nobody
  4. Dance to the Medley: Music Is Alive/Dance in/Music Lover
  5. Ride the Rhythm
  6. Color Me True
  7. Are You Ready?
  8. Don't Burn Baby
  9. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
  10. Dance to the Music (Single Version) - Bonus Track
  11. Higher (Single Version) - Bonus Track
  12. Soul Clappin' - Bonus Track
  13. We Love All - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased
  14. I Can't Turn You Loose - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased
  15. Never Do Your Woman Wrong (Instrumental) - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased

Life (Exp)

Life (Exp)

  1. Dynamite!
  2. Chicken
  3. Plastic Jim
  4. Fun
  5. Into My Own Thing
  6. Harmony
  7. Life
  8. Love City
  9. I'm an Animal
  10. M'Lady
  11. Jane Is a Groupee
  12. Dynamite! (Single Version) - Bonus Track
  13. Seven More Days - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased
  14. Pressure - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased
  15. Sorrow - Bonus Track *Previously Unreleased

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. Dance to the Music
  2. Life
  3. M'Lady
  4. Everyday People
  5. Sing A Simple Song
  6. Stand!
  7. I Want to Take You Higher
  8. Hot Fun In the Summertime
  9. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
  10. Everybody Is A Star
  11. Family Affair
  12. Runnin' Away
  13. (You Caught Me) Smilin'
  14. If You Want Me To Stay
  15. Frisky
  16. Time For Lovin'
  17. Loose Booty
  18. I Get High On You

"What Would I Do"は「新しい世界」に、"Only One Way Out Of This Mess"は「ライフ」に既に収録されてます。"Soul Clappin'"も既発のCDに入ってたと思う。
あとのボーナストラックについては・・・よくわかんない。というのも、スライ関係はブートに近いベスト盤やらコンピが山のようにあって把握が非常に困難なので。"Previously Unreleased"と書いてあるものについては未発表だと考えるしかない。

あと、"Whole New Thing (Exp)"のジャケ写が現在流通のものと違うんだけど・・・これは?